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Advanced Features Using Internet
CleanTouch program fully utilizes the Internet for online order status checking and for email marketing.
Internet makes this very easy for the owner because, through emails, mass marketing at such
a short time is possible while minimizing the cost, thus it’s a very cost and time-effective way
to promote your service.CleanTouch’s Back Office program also utilizes Internet to manage multi
stores from one location at a single click. These features that use Internet are so easy for anyone to use.

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Online Order Status Checking

This feature allows the customers to check whether their orders are ready to be picked up.  CleanTouch uploads the data every 10 minutes while the CleanTouch is operating normally. By offering this advanced internet technology, CleanTouch is differentiated from other competitors, resulting an indirect marketing effect to your clients.
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Customer Service and Management using
E-Mailing feature

  It used to be hard or nearly impossible to manage all of your customers and provide personal service. Thanks to CleanTouch's powerful E-mailing feature, now you can easily send the following emails to your customer with just a couple of clicks: account billing statement, automatic notice for ready orders, warning of aged ticket and other details.  CleanTouch's simple email wizard will provide you the most effective marketing solutions without additional cost. Since all the emails are already written with predesigned templates, allyou have to do is to pick the one yo